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140712 G-Dragon at Rare Market

이곳은  합니다‼️#GD#raremaket#레어마켓

Here is ‼️ #GD #raremaket #RareMarket

오늘 대박!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 나한테 무슨일이 생긴거지!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#레어마켓 #raremarket

DaeBak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What’s happening with me !!!!!!!!! #raremarket

아이컨텍 #레어마켓 #raremarket

Eye contact  #RareMarket #raremarket

#raremarket #레어마켓 #감격 #설렘 으어우아어ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 말로는 표현이안되는 ㅠㅠㅠ

#raremarket #happy Omg T__T I can’t even describe how I’m feeling T_T

#레어마켓 #raremarket

 #raremarket #레어마켓 #gd

Source: xoxogoodboy + in_suk + sobining + jessicajung_____@Instagram : Translated by: @ShrimpLJY

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Taiyou 2068 (From the Official Pamphlet)

Sorry for blurry pics! Just came back from the theatre, what an amazing play it was! I don’t like modern theatre much, so went to see Ayano mostly but ended liking the play itself. It has such a heartwarming final and positive message. I hope it would be released on dvd *_* (Also, how could I forget how gorgeous Narimiya Hiroki was?!)

Ayano Gou and Narimiya Hiroki storyline (the play is full of other storylines and subplots but of course I liked theirs the most xD)

They play unlikely friends, Tetsuhiko and Fujita. Fujita (Nari) is a 23 years old nokusu, mutated super-human who doesn’t age or get ill, with ability to think clear and keep calm in every situation. However the sun light is deadly for him. Tetsuhiko (Gou) is a kyurio, just a regular human, 18 years old boy who dreams of getting out of his small poor village. Fujita is against dicrimination of kyurios and has an interest in them, while Tetsuhiko admires flawless nokusu and wants to become one. (And yes, both Nari and Gou are 32 so they don’t look like 23 and 18 years olds but they compensate it with the acting. Gou was so cute playing a teenager <3 )

They overcome a lot to keep their friendship as both other nokusu and kyurio are against their relationship and try to meddle, sometimes in very cruel ways. But the biggest obstacle is Tetsuhiko’s dream of becoming a nokusu himself. Fujita is against it and trys to convince him that nokusus are not the perfect humans but the damaged ones because they have to hide under the ground and can’t feel human emotions to the fullest. However Tetsuhiko doesn’t believe him, thinking that Fujita just looks down on him and doesn’t want him to have the same power. They have a huge fight but then Yui (Maeda Atsuko), Tetsuhiko childhood friend, becomes nokusu and Tetsuhiko is astonished to see how heartless and coldblooded she is after the transformation. He rips apart his “ticket” which allowed him to become nokusu and sets out on the journey across the world with Fujita. Happy end! :D

Nari and Gou has an amazing chemistry! It’s their first co-starring but oh my are they good! Now I want to see them in a movie or dorama together *_* Their warm friendship is the heart of this play. I was worried that they both would fall in love with Yui and there would be an unfortunate love triangle but no, actually, there was no romance at all involving those tree. (Also, I didn’t quite get it but when Yui was transformed into nokusu she was kissed by another nokusu woman (something about making her drink nokusu blood) so I was hoping Fujita will help Tetsuhiko in that department if it comes down to transformation XD but actually I’m happy he stayed human)

Sorry fot the hiatus! Real life was stressing and I felt no inspiration. But today’s stage really inspired me! Wait for pics of rehearsals of Taiyou 2068, Nari x Gou interview and together-pics, and other goodies. Also, I got myself into Mozu and Trick series and got a new found appreciation of Abe Hiroshi so wait for me to spam you with those too :D


Rehearsal of Taiyou 2068 (from the Official Pamphlet) Such cute smiles <3 They wear clothes which are very close to their actual stage costumes.

Ayano Gou x Narimiya Hiroki x Musaka Naomasa x Yamazaki Hajime Cross Talk

  • About Nari and Gou’s chemistry

Musaka: I understand Ninagawa-san’s “Do it freely” method. Take Gou and Narimiya, just by two of them staying on the stage story is being born. Their “temperature” is so good. As if it’s not acting. It makes you believe that a kyurio boy like this is really meeting a gatekeeper (*Nari’s Fujita works as a gatekeeper between kyurio’s village and nokusu underground city) like that somewhere. It’s not like they say any lines that are not in the script either. As expected from them, very good.

Yamazaki: They’re such a good combi. At first they looked kind of mismatched together but gradually they started to match each other and now it’s very good.

Musaka: I even feel like crying when watch their “Talking about stars” scene (*In that scene they both are looking at the stars and Nari’s Fujita tells Gou’s Tetsuhiko that he has such a good eyesight that he can see all stars very clearly but that’s why they lost their charm for him). “Must be so nice for them to be the same age”. This border between what’s real and what’s acting just disappears.

After such a praise both Nari and Gou started to say that it’s because of their senpais who create the atmosphere so good they can act so freely.

Yamazaki: That’s why I think we had a really good team work this time. It’s not ended yet though (laugh). It’s very rare that so many cast members would work so well coordinated.

Musaka: Because those two so well matched together, when I am in the same scene I try to create this allien feeling so that everyone would think “What’s that weird bald guy doing here?”

  • About dialogues

Ayano: I was worried because I had an impression that when it came to Ninagawa-san plays there’ve always been extra-long monologues which got attention of various people and create the course of the plot. But in this script dialogues are the main, and there’re even lines like “Yeah”, just like in movies. But actually when I tried to act itt I found out that exactly because of the dialogues it looked so natural, not like acting at all, and it helped a lot.

Narimiya: Because extra-long dialogues go on and on, without us noticing the distance between us becomes small and we became one.

Ayano: Yes, as if we share one very long line with each other.

Also, Ayano (and me too) expected the story to be gloomy dark dystopia but actually it turned out to be heart warming and full of hope. Yamazaki added that because of all the ordeals characters have been through they were able to reach this happy end.

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